What happens here?

Well, I created this blog as a space, where I can experiment with different approaches to photography.

On my first photo blog kpweiss.com, I post photos, that are of a more conventional style.

Don’t get me wrong. I like these photos. Otherwise I wouldn’t publish them.

But one of my intentions concerning photography has always been, to shoot more experimental pictures too. Only my “inner critic” doesn’t really let me… 😦

So I had the idea, to create this new blog, explicitly for “experimental purposes”. 🙂

Meaning, I plan to post any kind of pictures here, regardless of how much “Golden Photography Rules” they violate.

I really hope, this will circumvent the influence of my inner critic.

And I, of course, do hope, that you will find something worthwhile here!
But, forgive me, this is not the highest priority for me on this blog. 😉

The highest priority is to revive my creativity.

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